Your home phone line simplified and digitised.

The Kit range

Kit Virtual

Save money on line rental.
KIT Virtual enables you to transfer your landline number into a virtual number that you can then divert onto any number of your choice!*
£ 4.80
*free to UK mobile numbers. Other numbers may vary depending on location

Kit Hub

Use your existing home phone.
A smart but simple solution to enable your home phone to work over the internet in anticipation for the landline switch off in 2025​.
£ 11.00
monthly + £25 delivery & activation fee
KIT is compatible with your existing home phone.

Kit Pro

Use the KIT Hub and more!
Enjoy all the benefits of KIT features whilst also receiving unlimited UK mobile calls and our leading mobile app which enables you to make and receive calls from your mobile!
£ 15.00
monthly + £25 delivery & activation fee
KIT can be used on any Android or IOS device.


Transfer your home landline number to Kit. You can use kit on your mobile device or your existing home phone. Stay connected via your broadband, wifi or mobile connection

Until recently, home phone lines have delivered our home internet connections. We’re now upgrading to fibre optic connections to deliver more speed, and this means that your phone line isn’t needed for your broadband, only for talking to people. Our VOIP home phone will enable you to retain your number and save you money.

How IP telephony works

With IP telephony, you can use your internet connection to make High Definition quality calls from various internet-enabled devices. These include your current landline phone device. Use your landline, mobile, tablet and unlock all the wonders of a residential VoIP solution.

Need to knows

We’ve worked hard with network suppliers to make your install and swap from your existing supplier as easy as possible however the install and transfer of your existing number can take up to 15 working days. If you are bringing your existing phone number across to Kit, we will send you your Kit hub 48 hours before your number ports so you can be up and running on the day of the transfer. Our remote install team will be on hand to guide you through the installation.

Yes, as long as you are connected to the Internet KIT will work.

You will need to let your old supplier know that you are looking to cancel your service or transfer your number away from them. If you are transferring the number over to us we will contact them as well to move the number to your kit hub. You should not terminate your existing service until your number has ported across to Kit to avoid losing your current number. And don’t forget to cancel any direct debits you may have with your existing provider.

We know that moving is never as simple as we want it to be, however with kit, its simple and hassle free.

  1. Make sure your account information is updated including emergency services contact information, and
  2. Make sure you have broadband at your new home.

Billing will commence on the 5th of the month following the activation of your service. Charges for the service will be billed in monthly cycles. The methods of payment accepted by kit are direct debit only.

Powered by Fidelity Group

Who we are

Keep in Touch (Kit) is a part of Fidelity Group Ltd, a leading telecommunications reseller who specialise in telecoms solutions for business.

Kit applies Fidelity’s knowledge and understanding of hosted telephony and applies this to the home telephony market. We have developed a product which solves problems associated with old analogue technology, migrating your telephony to the cloud and making you mobile.

We’re here to build our product together. Large network providers have taken advantage of the residential users. Kit delivers a business grade solution for the home market without the associated costs of the large network providers.

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